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"Revolutionaries ... people who could change the world" - Special Report

Loops and twists in participative film

Tuesday, June 3rd in Community | No comments

I just got back from a family trip. My Mother lives in an aging seaside resort town in the North of England called Blackpool. It was a guilty pleasure once arrived to take my children to thePleasure Beach, the top amusement park in the UK which has operated since 1896. I went on both the oldest ride in Europe — the Captive Flying Machines — dating from 1904, and the newest at the resort, Infusion — a suspended looping coaster of five inversions and a double twist. It got me thinking about how we’ve been building the ride and can finally accelerate onto the loops and twists this year.
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Tags: ASOA, asoa community, clayshirky, crowdsourcing, janemcgonigal, participation

Misc. Updates

Tuesday, May 13th in Promotion, Updates, Events | 2 comments

Wanted to post recent progress on promotion and events that are upcoming, especially as these should really ramp up again once the next trailers are out. There’s been a gap in blog posts while technical stuff has encroached on the process — so more on the creative stuff again!

The next event I’ve been asked to attend is b.TWEEN at the Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester, 18-20 June. I’ll be speaking on digital communities and giving some one-on-ones. The event is a radically interesting mix of topics, and promises to include some amazing locative art and media projects.

Where interactive ideas are seeded, shared & sold. A unique gathering using radical formats, bringing conferences kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. b.TWEEN brings together big players and talented indies.

Peter Greenaway is launching the conference, and it will be great to see him again. I first met him in 1996 and his unwavering experimental approach and engagement with digital technology for innovating in the moving image was a huge inspiration to me while I was preparing to launch onedotzero many years ago.
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Tags: amsterdam, event, festival, manchester, podcasts, publicity

The Unfold in the Catacombs

Tuesday, March 25th in Development, Downloads | No comments

[Catacombs photo courtesy: Adam Barker]

This preview release for The Unfold script makes available over half of the writing from the draft release. This draft is unpolished, and designed to include feedback and commentary from members to help guide it (it is less emergent than the alternative script project, The Ravages, but still open to collaboration and input).

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Tags: script, theunfold, writing

"A Swarm Of Angels is a giant step towards a forward-thinking alternative system of movie production, and a mighty opportunity to show the combinable, combustible power of remix culture."
The Kleptones
Remixers, mashup artists, Webby 'Artist of the Year' 2005


The Nine OrdersThe Nine Orders

Join and you can participate in the members board. Read about, contribute to, and vote on creative decisions.


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  • Square pegs, round holes

    Thursday, March 6th in Development, Community

    …Or, Simplifying collaboration. We’ve been having quite some discussion, and there’s some forum topics on this, about how we simplify the complex task of creativity and collaborative creation. We need to build these into the platform for the next public stage so Angels coming later into the creative process can get up to speed, and plug into […]

  • Contributing to The Ravages

    Tuesday, February 19th in Discussion, Development

    This is our first Arch Angel posting. JP Drecourt writes – With Plotbot selected as our writing tool, and a good month of experimentation with the interface, the writing team is now focussing on giving The Ravages (ex-Glitch plot) its full complexity. To do so, we have decided to freeze the writing for a while and focus […]

  • Redefining the Audience as Auteur

    Thursday, February 14th in Events

    As my good friend Jeremy Boxer pointed out after my presentation at the Berlinale Keynotes this week (theme: the Age of Collaboration), sometimes it is good to tackle issues head on and say the unspeakable. Unspeakable that is if you are a film traditionalist. There’s always an uncomfortable shuffle in seats at film festival crowds […]

  • After Winter vote

    Wednesday, February 6th in Updates

    Thanks to all members who voted and confirmed our new Arch Angels. With these new roles we should be able to effectively coordinate the increasing creative activity on the forums. We also had a vote on whether to concentrate on web comic or teaser trailer first and foremost for The Ravages screenplay. It was a […]

  • A new era for video

    Saturday, January 26th in Promotion

    The Guardian newspaper today contains a ’supplement of the year’ guide, this time to Making Video. It includes expert articles on a whirlwind of information on shooting for video (aimed squarely at beginners but consequently very accessible), including advice from Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), Walter Murch (legendary editor), Mike Figgis (Timecode 2000). Why […]

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